Reviews and Rankings

12 Vampire Romances to Sink Your Teeth Into

Beyond just Twilight, lies an unexplored plethora of vampire romances that will satisfy all your lustful reading needs. I’ve compiled a few here that are full of irresistibly charming and

Reviews and Rankings

Books on Mental Health

Amazing fiction and nonfiction books on protecting your mental health and in persevering against all odds.

Tips and Tricks

What is typesetting?

Typesetting is the composition of text using individual types, which can range from symbols to letters and glyphs. Learn about fonts, font sizes, spacing, etc. 

Reviews and Rankings

Must Visit Book Festivals

Move over music festivals check out a literature festival this year! These are the top book festivals around the world!

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Books Written by Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway is one of the classic American authors still read and celebrated today. Check out this list of some of Hemingway’s most iconic books.

How to Copyright a Book

What is Copyright? Learn what you need to copyright your book and how to go about doing so!

Best romance novels of 2020

Looking for the perfect romance that will set all your senses tingling at once and will keep the boredom of lockdown at bay? Then, have I got the list for you! Whether you enjoy curling up with a novel about the ups and downs of love and passion in the workplace or enjoy a contemporary romance set in an online sphere, this list has something for everyone, and hopefully, you can find something that suits your romance reading needs: The Roommate by Rosie Danan  This novel is categorized under the newly coined genre ‘Raunch-com’ and revolves around protagonist Clara Wheaton

The importance of creating a Character template

Wondering what a character template is and what purpose it serves? Always wanted to create one out of stretch but never could quite figure out how to? Well, that’s why you’re here, aren’t you? We’re going to learn about the ABCs (and maybe even the DEFGs) of a basic character template today.  What’s a character template look like and why is it important? Think of a character template as your reference guide before you begin to actually write your story/novel/script. It’s what will define the characters in your work as well as their actions and how they enable your narrative

To/too/two, it’s/its and passed/past

Here are some common grammatical errors.
To, too, and Two.
‘To’ is a preposition.
‘Too’ is an indicator of excessiveness.
‘Two’ is just a number.

Summer Reading List 8th Grade

Today, we will be looking into some awesome works for the young adults out there. A lot of these are coming-of-age works and are at a reading level that caters to the eighth-grade demographic. I hope that this blog post increases your interest and curiosity in reading, especially if you’re a student or a diehard bookworm like myself. These are all enriching and diverse reads that do not disappoint! Breakoutby Kate Messenger Nora’s summer vacation comes to a standstill as the whole neighborhood is placed under house arrest after a high-profile prison break puts the residents in danger. This novel

Mom’s Summer Reading List

Is your mom’s birthday coming up, or are you browsing for a just because gift? Or is your mom just bored out of her mind this summer and needs to take her mind off this horrid heatwave? Then this list that I’ve so lovingly compiled is your best bet to find literature that will catch mummy dearest’s fancy! Who knows, maybe even you might find something that catches your eye. For all you moms out there you deserve to grab a stack of books and sit poolside this summer. I hope you like the list of options we’ve pulled together.

Libraries around the world that are one of a kind

Where would we be without books? And even more so without the libraries and bookstores that stock them? Many places don’t even have access to those, so they benefit from some unique initiatives such as mobile libraries.  While some areas have brick-and-mortar libraries, there are one-of-a-kind libraries built in the middle of nowhere, built entirely out of glass like the architecture you’d expect in sci-fi flicks or even makeshift libraries that are built on the backs of camels!  This is a compilation of such weird, whacky and exotic libraries which have been enriching the lives of bookworms for centuries: Graveyard

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