Reviews and Rankings

Queer Owned Brick and Mortar Book Shops

Here is a rainbow colored array of LGBTQIA+ themed and queer owned and operated brick and mortar bookstores all around the globe that you can check out during your next

Reviews and Rankings

Must Try Literary Themed Food Joints!

In today’s compilation, we’ll be traveling across the globe and visiting the many restaurants, pubs and cafes that take inspiration from the rich legacy of authors and the field of

Reviews and Rankings

BookTok Accounts you Have to Follow!

If you’re like me and you get completely sucked into watching TikToks, then you will love this list of fun creators in the “BookTok” community. These creators use their accounts

Reviews and Rankings

Best Fictional Spiders in Literature

Are you the type to freak out when you spot a spider sharing the bathroom with you? Wait till you read what some spiders in literature can get up too.

Reviews and Rankings

Iconic Couples in Horror

There are couples who will forever remain rooted in our memories, for their hot chemistry, affinity, and their strong bond. In today’s compilation, we’ll be looking at the best couples

Reviews and Rankings

Best Weddings in Literature!

Weddings are one of our favorite things in literature for many reasons, one being their versatility! They have the ability to be grand, bittersweet, comically horrendous, and even over the

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Literary Themed Cocktails and their Recipes

Stuck in lockdown? Wanna show off your drink mixing skills? Love literature with all your heart? We’ve got a list that combines all of the above and then some! 1. Vesper Martini from Casino Royale by Ian Fleming This drink is concocted by the spy himself as he sits at a bar, ordering the bartender to do exactly as he instructs. Bond explains that his invention, named for a love interest in the first novel, is neither too small nor too weak but big, cold, potent and strong just as he likes and quite the satisfactory post dinner drink. He

Addicting Games like Wordle that You’ll Love!

Wordle is the latest craze these days along wordsmiths and non-wordsmiths alike, but did you know there are more cool and complex versions of this fun word game out there? Here are just a few alternatives to Wordle… Some which even up the stakes of wordplay further! 1. Kitty Letter This free iOS and Android app is so cute, we can’t even…! The players are offered a set of letters from which they must form words. Each word spelled out leads to players generating an army of cats which must then be utilized to protect from bombardment from the opponent’s

Artwork Inspired by Literary Classics

Life imitates art and many times, art and artists even take inspiration from literature. Here are just some famous paintings and etchings that were influenced by literary classics… 1. Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais Probably the most famous artworks inspired by literature, Millais brings to life (unintentional pun) the Bard’s mesmerising heroine Ophelia from ‘Hamlet’, specifically focusing on a few moments before her tragic death by drowning. While regarded as a masterpiece now, it was initially received with a mixed reception when it was exhibited at the Royal Academy. It now receives grand adoration for its depiction of beauty

Best BFFs in Literature

Friendships like these are hard to find! This is the perfect listicle to peruse with your BFF and try to figure out which friendship in literature most closely resembles your own friendship. Enjoy! 1. Pip and Jo from “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens 2. Calvin and Hobbes 3. Kay, May, Dottie, Elinor, Libby, Helena, Press, and Polly from “The Group” by Mary McCarthy 4. Horatio and Hamlet from “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare 5. Sancho Panza and Don Quixote from “Don Quixote” by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra 6. Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu 7. Tintin and Captain Haddock 8. Asterix and Obelix

Everyone’s Favorite Femme Fatales in Literature

They exude sex appeal and elegance, are seductive, but viciously guard dark secrets and hold their cards close to their heart. Here are our top picks for the best femme fatales in literature. 1. Heloise Lane from “And when she was Good” by Laura Lippmann On the surface, Heloise appears to be a suburban mum with a young son and an ex on death row, but she is actually a former escort and cunning businesswoman with a few tricks up her sleeve and many a dark secret that she is fiercely guarding. 2. Elsa Hazliett from “The Hothouse by the

Cartoon & Anime Characters with Impeccable Style

Cartoons and anime, while entertaining, are often overlooked for their influence on fashion trends and we are looking to change that with this list of some of our favorite trendsetters in this genre. Be it serving straight up lewks or paying homage to a real-life fashion icon. We hope you enjoy this list! 1. Jessica Rabbit The voluptuous redhead definitely dazzled in her strapless, backless sparkly red down with a hip-high slit and scintillating red hot lipstick. Hence, she tops our list of fashion icons! 2. The Ashleys This famous clique from the hit animated show Recess were famed for

Tomboys in Literature who Live to Stand Out

This one goes out to all the tomboys. Don’t let anyone deter you from being your tomboyish self! The best women aren’t determined by how masculine or feminine they are, it’s about strength and the courage to be yourself. 1. Petrova Fossil from Ballet Shoes Noel Streathfield was a female author with an unconventional male first name who was known for her tomboyish and independent characters and Petrova is one of them. Unlike her sisters Posy and Paulie, Petrova is sporty and tinkers with mechanical devices. She’s not as artistic and is stupid with a needle, but an expert when

Indigenous Owned Bookstores to Visit & Support

Today, we bring your a compilation of all the best indigenous owned bookstores that you can visit. We hope you can go and that you’ll support them in their endeavor to contribute to the indigenous communities, as well as educate multitudes on issues that face indigenous communities. 1. Goodminds: Bradford, Ontario A First Nations family operated store, five percent of the sales go to Supporting Indigenous Library Today Fund whose purpose is to enhance and expand public libraries for indigenous communities. It is owned by Achilles Gentle who ensures quality and authentic indigenous education at the store.  2. Iron Dog

Best in Irish horror fiction

Welcome back! Today we bring you horror fiction from the land of the leprechauns with gothic elements galore. We hope you enjoy reading these, especially if you’re a diehard horror enthusiast like us! 1. The Wych Elm by Tana French This novel records the events that follow after Toby Hennessey discovers a skeleton within the hollow of a tree on his family’s property and further uncovers various dark secrets about his family and himself. 2. Other Words for Smoke by Sarah Maria Griffin Twins Mae and Rossa discover a house full of witches b in their neighborhood that is then

Literature Themed Hotels you need to Book!

Literary nerds who are looking for a place to sojourn and finish their reading/writing can check out the following hotels on their next vacation. We promise these extraordinary literary themed hotels don’t disappoint! 1. Heathman Hotel: Portland, Oregon The hotel houses a rich plethora of literature that features the signatures of various Nobel laureates, Pulitzer winners and US Poet laureates in its mezzanine library. Guests are invited to sip on locally sourced vintage wine or borrow a book to read in their rooms and partake in wine social that’s held 4 days a week by an in-house librarian who curates

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