Literature Themed Hotels you need to Book!

Literary nerds who are looking for a place to sojourn and finish their reading/writing can check out the following hotels on their next vacation. We promise these extraordinary literary themed hotels don’t disappoint!

1. Heathman Hotel: Portland, Oregon

The hotel houses a rich plethora of literature that features the signatures of various Nobel laureates, Pulitzer winners and US Poet laureates in its mezzanine library. Guests are invited to sip on locally sourced vintage wine or borrow a book to read in their rooms and partake in wine social that’s held 4 days a week by an in-house librarian who curates the 2700-strong literary collection. Rich, classy and very bookish… We love it!

The Heathman Hotel image

2. Wonderland House: Brighton, England

Lewis Carroll often frequented this coastal town during his summers and also took inspiration from his surroundings. Looks like this hotel took its inspiration from his most famous work Alice in Wonderland. Each room features whimsical decor and furniture and pays homage to various props in the book such as clocks, kettles, mirrors and teacups. The tea room incorporates the iconic black and white chequered floor that’s reminiscent of a chess board and it is also home to a Mad Hatter themed kitchen. Curiouser and curiouser…

Table at the Wonderland House image

3. Book and Bed: Tokyo, Japan

Enclosed between bookshelves and curtained off for privacy, there are bunks for guests that come equipped with sockets and individual reading lights. The floor to ceiling windows also offer a view of downtown Tokyo and the hotel also features a book cafe that offers coffee, snacks, juices and cosy reading nooks for those who feel claustrophobic in the bunks. The books is the cafe too are bilingual with titles in English as well as Japanese.

Book and Bed hotel image

4. Georgian House Hotel: England

A haven for Potterheads, this unofficial Harry Potter themed hotel (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) boasts of features such as darkly lit Wizard chambers (Basilisk-proof, by the way) with four poster draped beds, cauldrons in the fireplace fit for a quick potion session, stained glass windows, cold stone walls and archways and even a door disguised as a bookstore that leads into the cozy Enchanted Chambers. Enjoy an afternoon tea fit for a wizard with magical treats galore that would make Ronald Weasley’s mouth water-ranging from eye of the newt scones and cobweb covered passion fruit jelly (it might not sound appealing, but believe us, there’s nothing like it!)

Georgian House Hotel image

5. Woodlyn Park: New Zealand

Every wanted to live life Hobbit style? This hotel comprises of Shire style cave units that are carved into the hillside at Woodlyn Park and each unit comes equipped with round windows that offer a view of the scenic countryside, ensuite bathrooms, kitchenettes and a dining area fit for wizards, orcs, fellow Hobbits and hungry dwarves (just make sure you stock the pantry every now and then unless everyone wants elevenses, yeah?)

Woodlyn Park hotel image

6. The Library Man, Obidos hotel: Portugal

The communal areas in this convent turned hotel and restaurant are filled with books from floor to ceiling, comfy seats and a fireplace where one can comfortably read in peace. Situated in a UNESCO city of literature, it is also a stone’s throw from 14 bookstores dotted around the city. The hotel also plays host to Folio, an international literature festival that takes place in October and which you shouldn’t miss out on!

Obidos Hotel image

7. L’hotel: Paris

Oscar Wilde lived and breathed literature and also breathed his last at this iconic hotel that has also seen the likes of Jim Morrison, Dali and Picasso grace it with their presence. It is the smallest five star hotel in the French capital, with humble beginnings but interestingly a rich and varied guest list! The crowd puller of course is the Oscar Wilde suite where the author and poet sojourned from 1898 until his untimely death two years later is now decorated with memorabilia such as framed photos of Wilde and letters, one of which is a reminder from the hotel staff to Wilde to foot his bill and is also decorated with emerald peacocks. The hotel is also a fifteen minute walk from the most famous book store- Shakespeare and company. 

L’hotel entrance image

8. Library Hotel: New York City

The ten floors of this hotel are named after categories on the Dewey decimal system, ranging from social sciences, literature, philosophy, language and history. Rooms are also similarly named after sub categories such as fairytales, biography, ethics, zoology, etc with each featuring a corresponding artwork and 150 books that are available to borrow and related to the topic. It also houses a 24/7 reading room, terraced poetry garden and writer’s den. Email in advance to book your themed room.

Library Hotel New York City

9. Ambassade Hotel: Amsterdam

This canal side hotel with its traditional 17th century mansions, each with a unique facade, has been the official residence of visiting authors such as Salman Rushdie, Toni Morrison, Umberto Eco and many more. What’s more is that its large library boasts of signed copies from the visiting authors as well as 5000 works curated by the resident librarian.

Ambassade Hotel image

10. The Betsy: Miami Beach

The Betsy’s owner Jeremy Plutzik intended this seaside hotel with its prominent art deco style as a commemoration of his late father, poet and three times Pulitzer prize finalist Juan Plutzik’s work and literary legacy. Rooms come equipped with small libraries so you’ve an option of reading by the seaside if you aren’t interested in going for a swim or just watching the waves crash from your room. Instead of chocolates, guests will find bookmarks inscribed with Plutzik’s poetry on their pillows as a sweet gesture instead and authors/artists can take up residence by booking the special writer’s rooms to work in peace as well.

The Betsy hotel image

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