Queer Owned Brick and Mortar Book Shops

Here is a rainbow colored array of LGBTQIA+ themed and queer owned and operated brick and mortar bookstores all around the globe that you can check out during your next bookstore hopping trip. 1. The Ripped Bodice I first discovered this bookstore via their IG page and obviously had to feature it here. It’s an […]

Must Try Literary Themed Food Joints!

In today’s compilation, we’ll be traveling across the globe and visiting the many restaurants, pubs and cafes that take inspiration from the rich legacy of authors and the field of literature. Whether it’s paying tribute through their decor, or commemorating the authors and works via their menus/dishes, these places have it all. Some of these […]

BookTok Accounts you Have to Follow!

If you’re like me and you get completely sucked into watching TikToks, then you will love this list of fun creators in the “BookTok” community. These creators use their accounts to spread literary love by creating bookish memes, reviewing books, and much more! 1. @mearaisreading On her BookTok account, Meara expertly dissects and reviews her […]

Best Fictional Spiders in Literature

Are you the type to freak out when you spot a spider sharing the bathroom with you? Wait till you read what some spiders in literature can get up too. Who knew so many literary works were filled with creepy arachnids? Some are quite playful, but there are loads who’ll give you sleepless nights too. […]

Iconic Couples in Horror

There are couples who will forever remain rooted in our memories, for their hot chemistry, affinity, and their strong bond. In today’s compilation, we’ll be looking at the best couples in the horror genre. Some are couple goals, some are downright toxic, either way we promise their iconic! 1. Morticia and Gomez from The Addams […]

Best Weddings in Literature!

Weddings are one of our favorite things in literature for many reasons, one being their versatility! They have the ability to be grand, bittersweet, comically horrendous, and even over the top bloody! In this compilation we’ve perfectly selected a list that displays all the different ways weddings can add drama to the next book you […]

Fictional Inventions that we Wish Really Existed

Have you ever wished for a particular fictional gadget to exist in real life? Well, we at Adore have so many on our list that would make life so much simpler and more awesome. Check them out below! 1. Universal Remote Control from Click Oh, how we all wish we could relive some of our […]

Best Scary Japanese Literature for fans of Horror

Konnichiwa! We hope you enjoy Adore’s compilation of the best in Japanese literature. Caution: This isn’t for the faint of heart! 1. The Summer of the Ubume by Natsuhiko Kyogoku The title stems from the Japanese folklore of Ubume, a ghostly female who is either on the verge of conceiving or clutching a child. Set […]

Literary Themed Cocktails and their Recipes

Stuck in lockdown? Wanna show off your drink mixing skills? Love literature with all your heart? We’ve got a list that combines all of the above and then some! 1. Vesper Martini from Casino Royale by Ian Fleming This drink is concocted by the spy himself as he sits at a bar, ordering the bartender […]

Addicting Games like Wordle that You’ll Love!

Wordle is the latest craze these days along wordsmiths and non-wordsmiths alike, but did you know there are more cool and complex versions of this fun word game out there? Here are just a few alternatives to Wordle… Some which even up the stakes of wordplay further! 1. Kitty Letter This free iOS and Android […]