Fictional Inventions that we Wish Really Existed

Have you ever wished for a particular fictional gadget to exist in real life? Well, we at Adore have so many on our list that would make life so much simpler and more awesome. Check them out below!

1. Universal Remote Control from Click

Oh, how we all wish we could relive some of our best memories or fast forward through a messy situation to save our arse or even pause at a perfect moment in time. If only this remote that could make it possible actually existed… But one can dream, eh?

Click movie image

2. Paper Laptop from Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Every tech geek gawked when Benji pulled out this lightweight gadget that was actually a programme that transformed into a fully functioning touch screen laptop. And I bet a lot of us who have to haul heavy laptop bags, charger and all to work/college and back would be extremely grateful if computer software companies and tech conglomerates everywhere would just take the hint already and make it happen!

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation image

3. Med Bay from Elysium

A boon to doctors and other medical staff everywhere, this bed comes equipped with a rotating fluorescent lamp that can cure all ills- from the big C (cancer) to even mending broken bones. Frankly speaking, it would have been hella helpful if we had this gadget during the pandemic.

Med Pod from Elysium image

4. DNA Paired Guns from Judge Dredd

Gun control wouldn’t be so difficult if the ability to pair guns with one’s DNA so as to enable them to only fire when paired with the right dnat sequence. Who even would require gun laws?

DNA paired gun from Dredd image

Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who

While this all purpose device doesn’t quite work on wood, it is extremely helpful in opening shut doors and can help in hacking into various electronic devices and other electrical gadgets. You don’t even need to know coding to the latter!

Sonic screwdriver image

6. Dokodemo door/Anywhere door from Doraemon

This helpful gadget from the popular anime series acts like a portal and simultaneously a time machine, allowing users to envision where they want to go and instantly transporting them there. All they have to do is say the location out loud, open the door and walk through its frame. Zero fuel consumption too.

Anywhere door image

7. Inspector Gadget’d hat from Inspector Gadget

Who wouldn’t want a hat that comes equipped with an umbrella, a giant mallet and other such useful or even useless gadgets? 

Inspector Gadget’s hat image

8. Smart Wheels from Go! Go! Cory Carson

These wheels adapt to any terrain so whether you’re driving across a frozen lake or over quicksand, you’ll have made the journey safely, sans hindrance or even sans the need to swerve to avoid potholes.

Go! Go! Cory Carson image

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