Must Try Literary Themed Food Joints!

In today’s compilation, we’ll be traveling across the globe and visiting the many restaurants, pubs and cafes that take inspiration from the rich legacy of authors and the field of literature. Whether it’s paying tribute through their decor, or commemorating the authors and works via their menus/dishes, these places have it all. Some of these places were even known to be favored by the authors themselves as a home away from home and a place to relax, take a lunch break, or brainstorm their next novel while enjoying a cup of tea or a platter of steak and eggs…

1. Alice in Labyrinth: Tokyo, Japan

Inspired by the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in a labyrinth invites you to take in its odd Alice in Wonderland inspired bright colored furniture ranging from playing card tables to teacup booths, complete with a chessboard flooring. Visitors are served by hostesses dressed as Mad Hatters. Visiting this Wonderland will not require you to follow a hare into a rabbit hole but an entry charge is required to be paid.

Alice in a Labyrinth restaurant image

2. The Lovecraft Bar: Portland, Oregon

If you adore Lovecraftian horror, then this pub is a must visit with its spooky, bizarre and macabre decor as well as cocktails with names such as Sleepy Hollow and Los Vampiros.

Lovecraft Bar image

3. The Jane Austen Tea Room: Melbourne, Australia

Fancy a tea party with your gal pals or a lunch date with your Mr. Darcy? Then the Jane Austen tea room is the perfect place with its selection of treats such as Mrs. Bennett’s Raisin toast, high tea, sandwiches and mouth watering sweets. There is also a special ‘Emma’ menu called ‘Lady Emma Woodhouse’s desserts and teas’ that you can order from.

Jane Austen Tea Room image

4. The Westeros: NewDelhi, India

Don’t worry, there’s no fire breathing dragons or backstabbing relatives in sight here, but there is an Iron Throne and the walls of the cafe are covered in Game of Thrones decor. The Westeros also hosts viewing parties of the popular show for visitors.

The Westeros Cafe GOT throne image

5. Les Editeurs: 6th Arrondissement, Paris

This cafe houses 5000 books that were donated by local publishing houses and line its walls. It hosts talks, book signings and award ceremonies and you can relax, sip on some wine or enjoy a hot cup of coffee and order from their vast menu of steaks, stews and desserts.

Les Editeurs cafe image

6. Sherlock Holmes pub: St. James, London

From pub lunches to date nights and after work drinks, this pub throws its doors open to everyone and you don’t need to be a renowned sleuth to avail of the services here. The upstairs dining room is entirely recreated to resemble the study of Holmes and Watson, complete with artifacts and other decor as well.

Sherlock Holmes pub image

7. Club Verne: Budapest

You don’t have to journey to the centre of the Earth to eat here, although you might feel a tad claustrophobic since club Verne is modelled after a submarine with a blue lit interior. It is also light on the pocket so you don’t have to sell off your mint condition Verne novels to eat here.

Club Verne image

8. Action Burger: Brooklyn, NY

This comic book and sci-fi themed burger joint lets its visitors rent out board games while they wait for their food. Customers can order from the ‘Hero’ menu if they prefer vegan or healthy fare, while the ‘Villain’ menu offers non-veg options for the carnivorous crowds. Don’t forget to let the retro nostalgia wash over you as you avail of the many video game and pinball machines that line the restaurant.

Action Burger restaurant image

9. Literaturnoe Kafe/Wolff et Beranget confectionary: Russia

Did you know that Aleksandr Pushkin ate his last meal here before his death by duel? In memory of the author, a wax statue sits at one of the tables by a window here. It was formerly a candy shop that doubled as a Chinese cafe.

Literaturnoe Kafe image

10. The Eagle and the Child: Oxford, England

A venue that holds loads of historical and literary importance, this was the meeting place for the Inklings, a group of writers led by greats such as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien who were known to enjoy their weekly meetings in the private lounge known as ‘Rabbit Room’ here.

The Eagle and the Child restaurant image

11. Cafe Tortoni: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Grab a seat next to greats such as Jorge Luis Borges who frequented this cafe in the 70s and has been immortalised in the form of a wax figure now at his regular table.

Cafe Tortoni image

12. Sloppy Joe’s: Key West, Florida

This restaurant is situated right across the street from Captain Tony’s Saloon which was Ernest Hemingway’s favourite haunt down in Key West and the venue is home to an Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest as well.

Sloppy Joe’s Bar Florida image

Don’t miss an opportunity to grab a bite at any of these venues, especially if you’re a literary enthusiast like us! We’ll be back with more awesome posts, so stay tuned and give us a follow on our Instagram. Until next time…

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