Reviews and Rankings

Queer Owned Brick and Mortar Book Shops

Here is a rainbow colored array of LGBTQIA+ themed and queer owned and operated brick and mortar bookstores all around the globe that you can check out during your next

Reviews and Rankings

Must Try Literary Themed Food Joints!

In today’s compilation, we’ll be traveling across the globe and visiting the many restaurants, pubs and cafes that take inspiration from the rich legacy of authors and the field of

Reviews and Rankings

BookTok Accounts you Have to Follow!

If you’re like me and you get completely sucked into watching TikToks, then you will love this list of fun creators in the “BookTok” community. These creators use their accounts

Reviews and Rankings

Best Fictional Spiders in Literature

Are you the type to freak out when you spot a spider sharing the bathroom with you? Wait till you read what some spiders in literature can get up too.

Reviews and Rankings

Iconic Couples in Horror

There are couples who will forever remain rooted in our memories, for their hot chemistry, affinity, and their strong bond. In today’s compilation, we’ll be looking at the best couples

Reviews and Rankings

Best Weddings in Literature!

Weddings are one of our favorite things in literature for many reasons, one being their versatility! They have the ability to be grand, bittersweet, comically horrendous, and even over the

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Board Games for Movie Buffs!

With the pandemic playing spoilsport with our outdoor plans, why not stay indoors and catch a movie? Or better yet, check out these board games based on some iconic movies?  1. Jumanji Don’t worry, this game won’t transport you into a jungle with wild animals nor will it turn your home into a zoo overrun by deadly creatures and carnivorous vines. Instead you only have to roll the 8 sided die, grab a pawn and move through the jungle until you reach the centre of the board. If you pull a danger card, your fellow players must rescue you from

15 Quotes for Feminists!

Feminists can catch a lot of flak today but honestly when feminism and fighting for your rights is done right, it can be a movement that not only inspires many to be better and to do better but also helps us as a society to push the envelope and progress in many ways. This might sound clichéd, but we definitely need to break that glass ceiling and smash the patriarchy, as well as stop propagating toxic masculinity which is a key element in topics such as women’s safety. But don’t let me teach you everything there is to know about

10 Poems About Friendship!

Whether you’re celebrating friendship that’s stood the test of time, remembering a pen pal in your time of need or eulogizing a friend whose demise has left a hole in your life that’s yet to be filled by another, this blog post contains poems on friendship for every occasion. 1. Having a Coke with you by Frank O’Hara Since this is quite a lengthy poem, here are a few excerpts from it. It has often been interpreted as a ballad by many, but it also works as an ode to a platonic friendship: Having a Coke with you is even

10 Must Read Greek Mythologies!

If you’re like me and easily find yourself intrigued by the tales of Greek gods and goddesses, then you will enjoy this list of books on Greek mythology and retellings! They are suitable for both young and old tastes: 1. Heroes: Mortals and Monsters, Quests and Adventures by Stephen Fry In this knowledgeable book, acclaimed comedian Stephen Fry recounts to readers the battles and chases and a wide variety of bold and stirring adventures that involved monstrous perils, as well as acts of bravery and cowardice, murders and selfless sacrifice set in Ancient Greece  2. The Greek Myths by Robert

All about the damsel in distress trope

Today we’re talking all about a once fairly common trope that is slowly dying out or being creatively subverted in the field of literature and cinema. Here you’ll learn all about the damsel in distress trope and how to escape its clutches and create a more appealing and effective female character(s). 1. Who is a damsel in distress? Damsels in distress are female characters who are only in the story to drive forward a hero’s narrative but serve no purpose other than to be his love interest or a sexual object. They’re helpless and incapable of rescuing themselves from the

A Reading List for Sports Enthusiasts!

Are you a big sports fan? Do you enjoy learning about fun behind the scenes moments of your favorite games? Do you enjoy digging into the personal struggles and/or victories behind a specific sports person? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the ultimate list of books for you! If you’re looking forward to learning a thing or two about sportsmanship and humility both on the field and off it, then these are the books for you. Dive right in! 1. League of Denial by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru This book tackles the most

12 Questions to ask Someone on your First Date

Ah yes the dreaded first date… Whether you’re nervous, excited, or you’re just looking for some good conversation topics, we’ve got the perfect questions for you! These questions will help you break the ice and get to know a little bit more about your date! Good luck out there daters! 1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?   This will not only help put your date at ease, but it gives them an opportunity to let you know how they operate and communicate. It also shows that you can be a good listener if they want to talk first.

A Reading List for Diehard Gardening Enthusiasts!

If you’re having trouble understanding how gardening works or what you can grow in that garden next, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re an amateur gardener, an expert horticulturist, or just a regular at the farmer’s market, we’ve got just the compilation for you to dig right into… 1. The Dry Garden by Beth Chatto With the advent of global warming and climate change, this book on growing plants that will survive even in dry landscapes seems more important now more than ever. Author Beth Chatto is noted for her expansive gravel gardens and her philosophy of

Hot Lesbian Literature with the Best Love Scenes!

Whether you’re a lesbian yourself or just enjoy a good love scene between two queens, these novels can appeal to all. They feature some of the most raw and sensual lesbian sex sequences that can have even the straightest heteros questioning their sexuality. 1. Lesbian Appetite by Dorothy Allison This short story from Allison’s short story collection ‘Trash’ will satisfy your appetite. Allison uses culinary imagery to bring to life sensual lesbian experiences. Here is just a taste of it:  “We wrestled, eggplant breaking up between our navels. I got her shorts off, she got my jeans down. I dumped

12 Vampire Romances to Sink Your Teeth into!

12 Vampire Romances to sink your teeth into!

Beyond The Twilight Saga lies an unexplored plethora of vampire romances that can satisfy all your lustful reading needs. I’ve compiled a list here that are full of irresistibly charming, strong, and at times morally grey heroes and heroines with steamy chemistry. I hope these reads help to satisfy your desires, and possible blood lust…. 1.Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead A gritty and dark take on the vampire romance genre, Vampire Academy revolves around Rosa and Lisa who are on the run from the Academy but unfortunately are hunted down and forced back into the academy. From then on, it

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