Board Games for Movie Buffs!

With the pandemic playing spoilsport with our outdoor plans, why not stay indoors and catch a movie? Or better yet, check out these board games based on some iconic movies? 

1. Jumanji

Don’t worry, this game won’t transport you into a jungle with wild animals nor will it turn your home into a zoo overrun by deadly creatures and carnivorous vines. Instead you only have to roll the 8 sided die, grab a pawn and move through the jungle until you reach the centre of the board. If you pull a danger card, your fellow players must rescue you from the disaster that lies in wait (usually a stalking lion, charging rhino or snapping crocodiles) before time runs out. The game also features a decoder that you can use to uncover secret messages. The first player to reach the centre of the board and cry out ‘Jumanji!’ before the Doomsday Grid fills up wins.

Jumanji board game image

2. Disney Villainous

There is no hero or heroine in this game… Only villains. Players compete against each other as Disney villains who are pitted against each other in a battle to gain power, gather allies and other special items. They must overcome other villains in their race to take over the Disney verse!

Disney Villainous board game image

3. The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire

Build and maintain your empire but beware of backstabbers, control your various businesses across New York city but beware the rivals in this 4 act game that’s got drama, tension, varies in degrees of power and is as complex as Mario Puzo’s novel and Copolla’s adaptation (s) combined.

The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire board game image

4. Goosebumps

Gamer beware, you’re in for a scare! I’m an absolute RL Stine fangirl, having grown up on the Goosebumps franchise (both the books and tv show), so this board game is right up my alley and a perfect shelf companion to my growing Goosebumps collection! In it, players have to take to the streets and follow various clues such as scattered manuscripts and mayhem left behind by iconic characters such as Slappy the dummy, Werewolf of Fever Swamp, the Mummy, the haunted mask, the vampire poodle and many more who’ve escaped from Stine’s manuscripts. You can hitch a ride in the haunted car or take a shortcut through a graveyard (but watch out for lurking ghouls), as long as you make your way to the typewriter in time and send the characters back to their world. But if they reach that typewriter for, then you’re doomed and it’s game over!

Goosebumps board game image

5. Legendary Encounters

Based on the Alien franchise, this deck building game is great fun but restricted to an adult audience as a result of its gory and violent detailed artwork. Players work together and slip into the shoes of various iconic characters from the franchise as they attempt to track down the alien xenomorphs.

Legendary Encounters board game image

6. Horrified

Did you grow up on the Universal monster classics? Then you’ll love this board game that allows you to battle it out against formidable foes and iconic monsters such as Frankenstein’s monster, Frankenstein’s bride, Dracula, The Mummy, Wolf Man, Invisible Man, Creature from Black Lagoon and many more. Players team up to thwart their plans and ensure the safety of the villagers.

Horrified board game image

7. The Crow: Fire it up

The board game is a formidable tie in as well as homage to the original movie from 1994 and the beloved comics from the 80s. Players attempt to protect the city from the Motor City Gang who terrorise it. They are split into two groups, with one side playing as baddies and the other as allies who try to hunt them down before they are successful in retrieving certain items that will aid them in their villainous ways.

The Crow: Fire it up board game image

8. Coraline: Beware the other mother

You’ve read the beloved tale by Neil Gaiman, you’ve watched the animated stop motion flick… Now it’s time to play the game. Players take on the role of the ghost children who are stuck in the parallel universe and must band together to rescue Coraline and her parents from the other mother. They will go up against the other father and his mantis tractor, Mr. Boblinsky and his terrifying jumping mouse circus while attempting to retrieve various items such as the pearl ring and skeleton key from devious characters such as Ms. Spink and Miss. Forcible in order to set Coraline free. All this must be achieved before time runs out and the Moon is eclipsed and Coraline is trapped forever in the other world!

Coraline board game image

9. Planet of the Apes

Get into the psyche of Colonel George Taylor in this game where players need to work together, navigate various parts of the protagonist’s uneven psyche, overcome challenges and salvage whatever is left of humanity. This board game is perfect for fans and movie buffs alike and received praise from critics for its clever playing system and aesthetically pleasing game art.

Planet of the Apes board game image

10. Nonsense Bollywood Mafia

A strategy and bluff based game in which players don the role of a mob boss in attempts to manipulate celebs and media into doing the bidding of their mafia and act as the puppeteer behind tinsel town where many have dreams but often are killed off in the process of fulfilling them. The game comes equipped with 22 character cards, eyeglasses and 4 cue cards.

Nonsense board game image

11. Shrek collector’s edition of Monopoly

Set in Shrek’s swamp, this version of Monopoly allows players to own, control or build on select properties from the first three movies. It also comes equipped with collectible pewter tokens and players can even hitch a ride on the Onion carriage or invest in spells and potions (these replace the chance and community chests from the original) and stay at cottages and castles instead of the usual houses and hotels. Now, doesn’t that sound Shrek-tacular?

Shrek collector’s edition of Monopoly image

12. Ratatouille Remy Kitchen Quake

Players move around the kitchen, avoiding the wacky makeshift contraception erected from kitchen utensils and absconding from chef Skinner and his deadly cleaver. The first to get their special ingredients into the soup wins in this unique chef and mouse chase! 

Ratatouille board game image

What are you waiting for? Get on board and check out these games with your fam! I swear you won’t regret it. Feel free to follow us on Instagram and stay tuned for more content. And if you’re a fan of this blog, make sure to share!

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