Today’s compilation features a treat for fashionistas, fashion icons, and fashion designers alike! If you love learning about fashion, these podcasts are for you!

1. Blamo!

Founder Jeremy Kirkland interviews guests about their career and journey in the fashion industry while also exploring men’s style and the future of fashion.

Blamo podcast image

2. Fashion Grunge Podcast

This podcast is a nostalgic window into the 90s underground music scene and the juxtaposition between the visuals of your favourite nineties music videos and the fashion of the time.

Fashion Grunge podcast image

3. A Fashion Moment

Kirsten Holtz Naim embarks on a journey to strip away the glitz and glamour behind some of the most iconic looks in fashion history, instead pulling focus to the personal stories behind the same and understanding how fashion has shaped and defined generations.

A Fashion Moment podcast image

4. Fashion Decipher

This podcast deciphers the effect of fashion from a sociopolitical, economic and environment standpoint.

Fashion Decipher podcast image

5. Fashion Crimes

Personal stylist Holly Katz and fashion stylist Nolan Meaden team up to investigate the crimes against and victims of various fashion crimes and terrible style choices over the ages.

Fashion Crimes podcast image

6. Dressed: The History of Fashion

Cassidy Zachary and April Callahan host this podcast which consists of interviews with special guests such as specialists in Arab garments and also discuss topics such as Black dandyism and key moments in fashion and style history, all with a refreshing wit and charm that will appeal to listeners.

Dressed: The History of Fashion podcast

7. Unravel

The team effort of fashion scholar Jasmine Helm, textile conservator Dana Goodin and fashion history scholar Joy Davis, this podcast features interviews with fashion academics. The hosts also foray into critiques on the latest in onscreen costuming from dissecting fashion in shows such as The Crown and L Word. The podcast also features a recurring series with a focus on global impact of Black, indigenous and queer designers to promote inclusivity.

Unravel podcast image

8. Successful Fashion Designer Podcast

If you’re keen on breaking into the fashion industry then look no further than fashion expert Sew Heidi’s podcast on making it big in the fashion industry via a mix of promoting and launching your own label with ease and confidence while polishing up your skill set. This is a must even for those looking to launch their freelance career.

Successful Fashion Designer podcast image

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