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10 Must Read Greek Mythologies!

If you’re like me and easily find yourself intrigued by the tales of Greek gods and goddesses, then you will enjoy this list of books on Greek mythology and retellings!

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All about the damsel in distress trope

Today we’re talking all about a once fairly common trope that is slowly dying out or being creatively subverted in the field of literature and cinema. Here you’ll learn all

Reviews and Rankings

A Reading List for Sports Enthusiasts!

Are you a big sports fan? Do you enjoy learning about fun behind the scenes moments of your favorite games? Do you enjoy digging into the personal struggles and/or victories

Reviews and Rankings

12 Questions to ask Someone on your First Date

Ah yes the dreaded first date… Whether you’re nervous, excited, or you’re just looking for some good conversation topics, we’ve got the perfect questions for you! These questions will help

Reviews and Rankings

A Reading List for Diehard Gardening Enthusiasts!

If you’re having trouble understanding how gardening works or what you can grow in that garden next, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re an amateur gardener, an

12 Vampire Romances to Sink Your Teeth into!
Reviews and Rankings

12 Vampire Romances to sink your teeth into!

Beyond The Twilight Saga lies an unexplored plethora of vampire romances that can satisfy all your lustful reading needs. I’ve compiled a list here that are full of irresistibly charming,

Paranormal Romance Series to Watch Out For
Reviews and Rankings

Paranormal Romance Series to Watch Out For!

Paranormal romance is a genre that is appealing if you like a blend of steamy romantic sequences and a touch of horror. The romantic pairings in these books aren’t just

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Write a Break Up

How to Write a Break Up Scene

As much fun (and often sensual) it is to pen a love story, inadvertently there comes a time in every author’s life where their characters part ways or outgrow each other. Breakup scenes are an emotional rollercoaster not only for the readers but also for authors who pen them and they can be the hardest scenes when it comes to conveying a sense of authenticity or realism. But fret not, you’ll have mastered the art of writing a breakup scene as long as you follow this long-ish list of rules… First, let’s learn about the types of breakups… One sided

Spooky Board Games Perfect for Halloween!

If you don’t feel like going out trick or treating and just want to spend a quiet Halloween at home with family and friends, then we highly recommend checking out a bunch of board games from our spook-tastic compilation that we’ve come up with for you with oodles of love and plenty of ooze…. Ghost Stories A village is overpowered by a legion of ghosts who are on an evil quest to gather the ashes of Wu-Tang, Lord of Hell in a bid to resurrect him. This strategy-based adventure game involves players who take on the role of Taoist monks

Top 10 Werewolf and Shifter Novels

Fangs for tuning in, dear readers…& sorry for the bad pun, I take it back! I hope you’re ready for another hot serving of delicious literature to seek out and read. This time around, I’ve taken on the task of helping you discover some of the hottest titles in the werewolf and shifter genre… Wolf with Benefits  by Shelly Laurenston:  This novel takes the age-old friends with benefits trope and turns it on its head by putting a supernatural twist on it. It’s the eighth book in the ‘Pride’ series and follows Ricky Lee, a werewolf who has sworn to

12 Vampire Romances to Sink Your Teeth Into

Beyond just Twilight, lies an unexplored plethora of vampire romances that will satisfy all your lustful reading needs. I’ve compiled a few here that are full of irresistibly charming and strong (at times morally grey) heroes and heroines with steamy chemistry, which I hope will help to satisfy those desires, cravings, needs, and possible blood lust…. Vampire Academy  by Richelle Mead A gritty and dark take on the vampire romance genre, Vampire Academy revolves around Rosa and Lisa who are on the run from the Academy but unfortunately are hunted down and forced back into the Academy. From then on,

Books About Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators

Are ghost hunters and paranormal investigators the real deal or just a big bunch of frauds? Is paranormal investigation actually legit or just a whole bunch of hooey? Well, we can’t say for sure since we really aren’t experts in the field, but what we can guarantee is that our compilation of some of the best books about this subject will definitely make your Halloween even spookier… Greta and the Ghost Hunters  by Sam Copeland with illustrations by Sarah Horne This side-splitting and touching book is a great read for you and your kids (just don’t read it out to

The Complete Guide to Interactive Story Games

As we’ve mentioned before, we are in the process of creating an interactive story game for IOS and Android devices. We are so excited about the upcoming beta launch of Adore Romance Stories and would love to have all of you sign up! You can visit the beta sign-up page here. We wanted to take a minute and tell you a little bit about interactive story games, why we decided to create one, and some of our favorite games already in the space that we love to play.  What are interactive story games? Interactive fiction was probably the earliest known example

Books on Mental Health

Amazing fiction and nonfiction books on protecting your mental health and in persevering against all odds.

What is typesetting?

Typesetting is the composition of text using individual types, which can range from symbols to letters and glyphs. Learn about fonts, font sizes, spacing, etc. 

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