The Best Books about Puberty and Periods!

Periods can be a bitch for those young and old alike. Whether you’re going through puberty yourself, or simply trying to explain the woes of femininity to a child or loved one, we believe this list will be useful to you! This list of books can help educate women of all ages on the beauty of puberty. Feel empowered through knowing what’s going on with your body, and gain some confidence in learning that the changes you experience are normal and make you the beautiful and strong women you are!

1. Period Power: Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement by Nadya Okamoto

This book opens conversations around the silence that lingers around topics such as periods. Nadya, a Harvard graduate, shares her personal experiences while also debunking the discomfort regarding periods. She also removes gender from the equation entirely in order to promote inclusivity. This book explores the history and culture associated with this natural bodily function.

Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement book image

2. Menstrupedia by Aditi Gupta

Described as a period guide for every nine year old girl, Menstrupedia also sheds light on eco-friendly options such as DIY pads, repurposed cloth pads that are a boon in rural areas especially as well as flannel pads that will help sort out the issue of plastic disposal in many countries. She also combats myths and superstitions that persist around the female reproductive system as well as discusses the key concepts and science of babies in a classy and accurate fashion.

Menstrupedia Comic image

3. Hair in Funny Places by Babette Cole

As the title suggests, young readers will learn about changes such as pubic hair, armpit hair and hormonal changes. There is no biological language involved, but instead a simplistic and cartoonish approach wherein hormones are depicted as grotesque and hairy rotund mad scientists or horny little devils who are insistent on wreaking havoc in the ever changing human body. It touches upon topics such as menstruation, nocturnal emissions in both boys and girls, etc through light hearted humor and a no holds barred approach that many will appreciate.

Hair in Funny Places book image

4. Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation by Elissa Stein and Susan Kim

Stein and Kim debunk the myths and stigmas that derogate this naturally occurring bodily function known as periods/menstruation. From elaborating on cleansing rituals, underwear, pills and calling out the romanticization of menstruation by ads that have also further contributed to stigmatization of the same, this book features detailed and insightful discussions on the aforementioned topics and then some!

Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation book image

5. It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie H. Harris

This is not only a book on sex education, but can also be used as a teaching tool for educators who wish to communicate to their young students about subjects such as STIs and even sexual abuse.

It’s Perfectly Normal book image

6. Secret Boys Business by Rose Stewart

This book explores the changes in the male body during puberty and is also a great boost to your child’s self confidence and self esteem. Parents, teachers and guardians can even use it as an educational tool to inculcate a deeper understanding of puberty in their child/student. It also features in-depth and detailed talks on sexuality with simple language and fun illustrations that accompany such a sensitive topic. There is also an edition for girls in this fun and educative series that is a must have!

Secret Boys Business book image

7. Does this Happen to Everyone? by Jan Von Holleben and Antje Helms

A question and answer book consisting of 70 questions, all replied to in a sophisticated, detailed and age appropriate fashion. From bras, periods, pimples and pregnancy to condoms, crushes, wet dreams and porn, this is a one stop shop for all of an adolescent’s innocent questions.

Does this Happen to Everyone? book image

8. Period Power: Harness you Hormones and get Your Cycle Working for You by Maisie Hill

In this book, Hill encourages readers to track their body, hormonal changes, etc via a menstruation journal and also educates women on how to work around or alongside their cycles easily and effortlessly!

Period Power book image

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