Picture Books that can Inspire Future Careers!

While adults have linked in and indeed to help start or further their careers, kids can get inspired and prepared for their future with the help of these fun and inquisitive picture books! Now when you ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up, their answers will be limitless. And remember, it’s never too early or too late to figure out what you love and to do and go for it!

1. Belinda Baloney Changes Her Mind by Becca Carnahan

Young Belinda can’t make up her mind about what she’ll be when she grows up. Her options are not limited to, but include the following: President, knitter, sailor, farmer or firefighter. Her brother thankfully comes to her rescue and assures that there’s plenty of time for her to make up her mind and that in the future, it’s even fine for her to change her mind and encourages Belinda to dream big. The book also comes equipped with a matching colouring book to keep kids occupied.

Belinda Baloney Changes Her Mind image

2. Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

Recently adapted into a Netflix series, the follow-up to ‘Rosie Revere, Engineer’ features a heroine named Ada who has plenty of questions that she poses to the grownups about the realm of science and what she can do to become one of the greatest scientists who ever lived once she grows up. A lot of these questions, of course, drive the adults up walls, but ask them, Ada will! And she won’t stop until all of them have been answered in this rhyming book.

Ada Twist, Scientist image

3. Who Was? by Megan Stine

Did you know who Marie Curie was? How about Neil Armstrong? All these personalities and more in the ‘Who Was?’ series which features mini biographies on famous actors, scientists, athletes, explorers, et al with a brief introductory paragraph before delving into further details on their past and their achievements as well as the hard work that they put into achieving their goals.

Who Was Sally Ride? image from the Who Was? series

4. When I Grow Up by Al Yankovitch

You’re probably familiar with Weird Al’s song parodies, but bet you didn’t know about his second career as a children’s literature author! This humorous picture book follows eight year old Billy who enthrals Mrs. Krupp’s classroom with tales of his big dreams and ambitions during the Show and Tell session. For Billy the sky’s the limit- with his dreams ranging from becoming a professional chef to a rodeo clown and the oddest profession of them all: A giraffe milker!

When I Grow Up image

5. Career Day by Anne and Lizzy Rockwell

It’s career day at Mrs. Madoff’s classroom and all the kids have brought their hard working mums and dads in to show off their professions to class. From Muchiko’s mum the author to Mr. Lopez who drives a bulldozer and Charlie’s mum who’s dropped in from her job as a judge at the courtroom, this book brings to life all the varied professions via colorful illustrations and vivid, easy to read descriptions.

Career Day book image

6. Curious George Takes a Job by H.A. Rey

George, a curious monkey from a small town zoo wants a taste of the big city life and escapes to a metropolitan area. Once there he indulges in all sorts of shenanigans that an ape could get up to… Until he crosses paths with a mysterious man in a yellow hat who makes him a job offer that he can’t refuse.

Curious George Takes a Job image

7. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Let your precious kids learn to try, fail and try again via this rhyming story with pictures. Through Dr. Seuss’ penchant for rhyming words with more words, one will learn to chase their dreams, take a chance, learn from errors and move mountains to reach the places they want to go!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go image

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