Reviews and Rankings

Queer Owned Brick and Mortar Book Shops

Here is a rainbow colored array of LGBTQIA+ themed and queer owned and operated brick and mortar bookstores all around the globe that you can check out during your next

Reviews and Rankings

Must Try Literary Themed Food Joints!

In today’s compilation, we’ll be traveling across the globe and visiting the many restaurants, pubs and cafes that take inspiration from the rich legacy of authors and the field of

Reviews and Rankings

BookTok Accounts you Have to Follow!

If you’re like me and you get completely sucked into watching TikToks, then you will love this list of fun creators in the “BookTok” community. These creators use their accounts

Reviews and Rankings

Best Fictional Spiders in Literature

Are you the type to freak out when you spot a spider sharing the bathroom with you? Wait till you read what some spiders in literature can get up too.

Reviews and Rankings

Iconic Couples in Horror

There are couples who will forever remain rooted in our memories, for their hot chemistry, affinity, and their strong bond. In today’s compilation, we’ll be looking at the best couples

Reviews and Rankings

Best Weddings in Literature!

Weddings are one of our favorite things in literature for many reasons, one being their versatility! They have the ability to be grand, bittersweet, comically horrendous, and even over the

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Mom’s Summer Reading List

Is your mom’s birthday coming up, or are you browsing for a just because gift? Or is your mom just bored out of her mind this summer and needs to take her mind off this horrid heatwave? Then this list that I’ve so lovingly compiled is your best bet to find literature that will catch mummy dearest’s fancy! Who knows, maybe even you might find something that catches your eye. For all you moms out there you deserve to grab a stack of books and sit poolside this summer. I hope you like the list of options we’ve pulled together.

Libraries around the world that are one of a kind

Where would we be without books? And even more so without the libraries and bookstores that stock them? Many places don’t even have access to those, so they benefit from some unique initiatives such as mobile libraries.  While some areas have brick-and-mortar libraries, there are one-of-a-kind libraries built in the middle of nowhere, built entirely out of glass like the architecture you’d expect in sci-fi flicks or even makeshift libraries that are built on the backs of camels!  This is a compilation of such weird, whacky and exotic libraries which have been enriching the lives of bookworms for centuries: Graveyard

Great Book to Movie Adaptations

Book to movie adaptations that you need to check out! Do you, like me, suffer from short attention span disorder and can’t read an entire book or series of books in one sitting? Would you rather prefer to watch those same books be brought to life onscreen starring your favorite actors, sometimes through the beauty of CGI and/or practical effects, without the hassle of reading words (unless they’re subtitles)? Then this is the list for you! Mean Girls (2004) Adapted from the book ‘Queen Bees and Wannabes‘ by Rosalind Wiseman Queen Bee Tina Fey adapts Wiseman’s nonfiction self-help book for

How to Start a Book

So you want to begin a story? As the Eleventh Doctor (from the TV show Doctor Who) once put it- “We’re all stories, in the end, just make it a good one, eh?” But even the best of stories need a beginning to, well, begin with. And it’s quite a head-scratcher to even the best of authors to get a head start on that perfect beginning that will leave their readers hooked but also wanting more at the same time.  So, how does one begin a story? What are the elements that go into making the perfect first line or

Where to Donate Books

Don’t let that book collect dust, and think about donating it so others can benefit from the same.

15 Book Club Book Ideas 2021

The latest book club reads you need to check out! Book clubs and reading are in trend right now, my fellow literary nerds!  That’s right, you heard it here first. From Oprah to Reese Witherspoon and everybody’s favorite girl wizard and feminist Emma Watson, everyone beckons you to join their book clubs and let the reading bug bite you.  It’s cool to be a literary nerd. Many of these book clubs help shine the spotlight on independent publishing houses, up-and-coming and underrated authors, and important themes such as feminism in literature.  They also enable avid readers to stay connected and

Different Types of Narrators

A point of view frames the entire story, and a narrator conveys the narrative and conveys the character’s thoughts and feelings as well as the themes and context to the reader.

Fanfic – where to find the best fanfiction communities

Are you a fangirl like me and currently searching for some good fanfiction, fan art, or even video/image manips on your favorite fandom? Fret not, because this list on some of the best fan sites might come in handy whether you wish to tuck into some fan-made content, create some of your own, or are simply in the mood to browse. This is considered to be the largest fanfic archive in the world, although it has fallen out of favor among fans ever since sites like Wattpad and Tumblr soared to popularity. It offers a publishing platform to amateur

The Various Types of Magic

Growing up, we’ve always been mesmerized by magic. Be it street magic or those telly shows that exposed magicians by revealing their secrets or fantasy works or even those DIY magic kits and even illusionists like Chris Angel, magic surrounds us in every shape and form, and there’s no escaping it! I bet you didn’t know that there are various types of magic utilized in both film and literature- from your beloved Harry Potter to even Marvel movies (possessing superpowers is also considered as a kind of magical prowess).  Magical and superhuman abilities are used in world-building, and various characters

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