Fanfic – where to find the best fanfiction communities

Are you a fangirl like me and currently searching for some good fanfiction, fan art, or even video/image manips on your favorite fandom? Fret not, because this list on some of the best fan sites might come in handy whether you wish to tuck into some fan-made content, create some of your own, or are simply in the mood to browse.

This is considered to be the largest fanfic archive in the world, although it has fallen out of favor among fans ever since sites like Wattpad and Tumblr soared to popularity. It offers a publishing platform to amateur writers, and one can find thousands of fanfics based on anime, comics, movies, and even plays. It is mainly known for its large collection of Harry Potter fanfic, so if you are a Potterhead, then this site is your ‘mecca’. Fun fact: EL James, author of the now-famous 50 Shades Trilogy, started out here as a Twilight fanfiction writer (according to popular belief, her trilogy is, in fact, a ‘glorified version of those very fanfics’)


Tumblr not only allows fanfic writers and artists to post their works but also promotes them. Users also use this site to post fanart and fiction from various other sites, and its search function enables users to search for whatever they like with ease, and its tags function enables works to be easily discovered within large fan communities.


This site is an artist’s paradise as it allows not only fanart but also original works to be posted and shared. From fanfiction to fanart and fan comics and even image manips, there is something for everyone on this site. It is a haven for talented artists looking to promote their work and even an excellent platform for people for whom art is just a hobby or past-time.


If you are a Trekkie like me, then beam yourself to the TrekFanFiction site! It is home to loads of fanfiction centered around the original Star Trek series as well as its many reboots and remakes, so you know you’re spoilt for choice!

Archive of Our Own/AO3:

AO3 is a multifandom site that was initially created as an alternate to and has many features that the latter lacks. The site allows robust search capabilities, and users can also search for their favorite character/pairing/ship by using the ‘tag’ feature. Even better news- The site is free from ads, and it is also known to save fanfics from smaller sites that are on the verge of shutting down forever! So, if you had a long-lost fanfiction in mind that you’ve been searching for for decades, the chances are that AO3 probably has it somewhere in its endless library of fanfic!


This site is considered one of the most accessible fanfiction sites to navigate due to its modern and responsive UI technology. It is great for both reading as well as posting fanfics and boasts of a large collection of Twilight, Naruto, and Harry Potter fanfiction which are the most popular fandoms on their site.

Lunaescence Archives:

Lunaescence Archives goes by the title ‘moderated creative writing community’ rather than ‘fanfiction site’. It accepts fanfiction from every fandom- be it the anime fandom, books, games, movies, etc. It even features a separate section for original works. Their most popular category is ‘Anime and Manga’.


FicWad is a site similar to Lunaescence Archives and also has a section that allows for original work publication in addition to fanfiction. Among their popular picks are ‘Celebrity’ and ‘Anime’ fanfiction.


This site is also more than just a fanfiction archive and allows for original stories as well as quizzes and surveys to be posted.


Wattpad is ironically where I started out as a writer, and it not only allows for fanfiction publishing, but budding writers can also publish their original works here. Unlike other websites, Wattpad has an easy-to-read mobile interface and other cool features such as inline commenting (similar to Instagram/YouTube comments, but under book chapters to show a reader’s appreciation/displeasure with how a certain chapter has turned out. Believe me, criticism and public opinion help a lot when you’re an aspiring writer!) and Wattpad also supports the insertion of images or video into a chapter. Fanfiction authors such as imaginator1D/Anna Todd (writer of the One Direction fanfiction ‘After’, whose rights were brought by Netflix) have even gone on to have their works translated to the big screen from Wattpad.

If you are searching strictly for Harry Potter fanfics, then head on over to This is a small invitation-only archive run by fanfic author Jeconais, and it invites you to read a wide variety of interesting HP fanfics and is your best bet if you are a Potterhead searching for some of the finest fanfics ever. There is hardly any junk fanfic to be found here, and fanfiction can also be downloaded in Epub and other formats if you crave some offline reading.


MuggleNet has a moderately large archive with over 10k fanfics, and all their content is moderated by staff. As a result, their rules are strict, and crossovers, excessive Out of Character, and non-canon-compliant fanfics are not allowed on this site.


This is an older site dedicated to all things HP, and since it has an outdated design and layout, it is mostly preserved as a read-only archive wherein fanfiction is only meant to be read, and no new content can be submitted/published.

Sink into Your Eyes/SIYE:

The fanfics on SIYE are dedicated to Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, and people who ship these two can read countless fanfiction dedicated to this pairing.

Only high-quality fanfictions centered around various Asian celebrities are allowed on this site, and users can also read and contribute original fiction with Asian characters in them. The archive is moderated in order to maintain quality.


If you have tiny tots or are somebody who’s obsessed with ‘My Little Pony’, then Fimfiction boasts of countless fanfiction dedicated to this beloved cartoon character.


This is a modern mecca for Twihards and features easy story sorting and over 5,000 archived works and also allows images to be uploaded along with the stories.

A multi-fandom website with Harry Potter coming up as the most popular pick, this site allows users to read and post 18+ fanfiction which is usually not allowed on other fansites/archives.

The Original Naruto Fanfic Archive/TONFA:

TONFA is considered the oldest and largest archive for hosting fanfiction set in the Naruto anime universe. So, if you are a mega-fan of this delightful classic anime, then head on over to TONFA and binge to your heart’s content!


Just like fanfiction for television shows and movies exists, so does fanfiction for rock bands. As the name suggests, ‘Rockfic’ is a site where groupies (rock band fangirls) can BAND together (sorry for the lame pun) and read, write and share fanfiction about their favorite rock bands.

Now that you have a plethora of archives and fan sites to browse through at your fingertips, go forth and binge/post to your heart’s content!

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