Where to Donate Books

Don't let that book collect dust, and think about donating it so others can benefit from the same.

Running out of shelf space or can’t finish your reading list due to procrastination or a short attention span (like yours truly)? Don’t let that book collect dust, and think about donating it so others can benefit from the same. Here are some places which accept book donations:

Public libraries or school libraries

Due to cutbacks on budgets, school libraries and public libraries are a top priority to donate books to. Groups such as ‘Friends of libraries’ also help put up bookstalls and fundraisers for the books to be resold at, thus raising funds to keep libraries running!


Prisons accept everything from study guides and textbooks to books that could help in inmate rehabilitation, such as self-help books and books on alcohol and drug abuse, and even dictionaries. The only no-no here are hardcovers as many prisons prefer paperback for security or safety reasons.


The proceeds from books sold here go directly to fund employment training, job placements, and other local community programs. So this is your best bet to donate!

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are a godsend when it comes to sourcing low-cost clothing and even books at a low and affordable price, so do consider donating to the nearest thrift store.

Sisters of people, Delhi

A bookshop that is based in Lajpat Bhawan, the books donated here range from mint condition to vintage and are later sold at half the price, even at ten rupees! Proceeds go to a charity of their choice. Google your city to see if there is a similar local bookshop.


The goal of Bookathon is to build libraries in and around government institutions and orphanages across the city with the help of book donations. From magazines to academic texts, they take in anything and everything, as long as you can read it!

Daycare centers

Help restock daycare centers since they already run low on funding, and you’d be helping out in a big way.

Retirement homes and assisted living facilities

Since funding is limited, staff at retirement homes is always lucky if they’re able to source donated works for their shelves to keep the old folk entertained.

Local museums and culture preservation societies

If you have a book of historical or cultural value or on a particular topic of importance, feel free to donate it to your local museum. Even research papers are accepted. The more ancient, the better!

Local theatres

Your tattered and worn-out books might as well be featured in the next big Tony award-winning production! Theatres are always on the lookout for vintage books and worn-out works to lend authenticity to their settings or be used as a prop or two in their next period piece.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores

Proceeds from sales made from your donations will go to the Habitat for Humanity organization which strives to build homes and provide shelter to displaced communities.

Reader to reader Inc

This literary program lends a helping hand to small-town rural libraries or in Native American reservations, wherein books are hard to find or severely understocked. They also help restore rare book collections that might have been struck and damaged in natural calamities, so do reach out.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Lend a helping hand to outreach programs and veteran services by donating books here. There are also pick-up services at your doorstep available for your convenience sake.

Literacy Dog Therapy Programs

Through this program, kids who cannot read are encouraged to read aloud to dogs, who, let’s face it, are less judgemental than us humans. As a result, they can hone their reading skills in a comfortable environment. Shelter Buddies Programme in Missouri is one such example. Local shelters also run a program wherein kids read out to pets who suffer from anxiety, and you may donate to them as well. Usually, animal-themed works are the order of the day here.

Operation Paperback

Your donations will be sent to soldiers stationed overseas along with a care package. Usually, their donations are based on specific titles or genres requested by the soldiers themselves.


Reduce, reuse…and give to Freecycle! This organization and its active community strive to ensure that your donated books will be sensibly reused through their free exchange program.

What are you waiting for? Go donate and do share this with a fellow bookworm who’s in a charitable mood!

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