Books that have Inspired Influential Celebrities

As that saying goes- “You are what you read”. And we swear by it too. Books aren’t just great gifts, but also inspire many on their own journey through life. Here are just some of the amazing books that influential folk such as actors, businessmen, poets, etc swear by! 1. Joyce Carol Oates was inspired […]

The Best Books about Puberty and Periods!

Periods can be a bitch for those young and old alike. Whether you’re going through puberty yourself, or simply trying to explain the woes of femininity to a child or loved one, we believe this list will be useful to you! This list of books can help educate women of all ages on the beauty […]

Picture Books that can Inspire Future Careers!

While adults have linked in and indeed to help start or further their careers, kids can get inspired and prepared for their future with the help of these fun and inquisitive picture books! Now when you ask your kids what they want to be when they grow up, their answers will be limitless. And remember, […]

Best Literary Trails

Some locales are so scenic and memorable that authors can’t help but base their entire novel/poem or parts of it in the same way to pay homage and keep the sweet memories of such iconic locations alive via literature. Such is the power of writing and furthermore, of places that spark inspiration! It could be […]

Podcasts for the Single Parent

Whether you’re a single parent trying to become a better caretaker for your child, or a single parent trying to get back in the dating game, we’ve got you covered here at Adore. This list of podcasts for the single parent are sure to give you guidance and support on your journey! 1. Dad to […]

Best dads in literature!

In this compilation, we look at some of the best dads in literature. Some of whom we might wish could’ve been our dads in real life… 1. Mr. Bennet in Pride and Prejudice The generous Mr. Bennett never questions his daughters for their clothing choices or judges them for their conversational skills, but rather wishes […]

Best erotic literature in the last decade

If your erotic tastes are limited to just the dry and dreary ’50 Shades’ trilogy (which honestly isn’t all that great, if ya ask me), than you need to get out more and explore some of the sexy, steamy and orgasmic literature that I’ve put together in this list.  1. Written on the Body by […]

Best fashion podcasts!

Today’s compilation features a treat for fashionistas, fashion icons, and fashion designers alike! If you love learning about fashion, these podcasts are for you! 1. Blamo! Founder Jeremy Kirkland interviews guests about their career and journey in the fashion industry while also exploring men’s style and the future of fashion. 2. Fashion Grunge Podcast This […]

Board Games for Movie Buffs!

With the pandemic playing spoilsport with our outdoor plans, why not stay indoors and catch a movie? Or better yet, check out these board games based on some iconic movies?  1. Jumanji Don’t worry, this game won’t transport you into a jungle with wild animals nor will it turn your home into a zoo overrun […]

15 Quotes for Feminists!

Feminists can catch a lot of flak today but honestly when feminism and fighting for your rights is done right, it can be a movement that not only inspires many to be better and to do better but also helps us as a society to push the envelope and progress in many ways. This might […]