Sad Christmas literature

Christmas isn’t everybody’s cup of tea (or rather cocoa). I believe it was the Grinch who said that. If you aren’t quite feeling the festive spirit, or couldn’t be bothered to greet December with a big grin, there’s no reason for you to feel left out! Here are some gloomy books that will keep you company this Christmas.

1. The Junky’s Christmas by William S. Burroughs

A junky is discharged from the county precinct on Christmas day. The first thing he does as soon as he’s out? Tries to find a quick fix, but only ends up finding a mysterious leather suitcase containing the disembodied remains of a mystery woman and what’s worse is that his future remains bleak and hopeless due to this unexpected discovery.

The Junky’s Christmas by William S. Burroughs image

2. The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Anderson

As you may know, all good tall fir trees go to Christmas tree heaven and take center stage in households during the festive season. But looks like there’s other plans in store for the sentient fir tree who is yet to be picked. As he watches his companions being hauled off, he ponders over his own fate, but turns out it is going to be a nightmarish journey for him.

The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Anderson image

3. Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand

Irene Steele’s Christmas turns horrid after she is informed of her husband’s demise in the Caribbeans. As she delves more into his unexpected death, she even uncovers a second family that he’d kept hidden from her and their two sons all along!

Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand image

4. Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin

A mechanic turned burglar falls in love with the lone inhabitant of the fortress-like  house that he has broken into. Unbeknownst to him, this romance is short-lived as she has only a limited amount of time left on Earth. How will he cope when she breaks this news to him?

Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin image

5. Surviving the Holidays Without You: Navigating Grief During Special Seasons by Gary Roe

As the title suggests, you don’t have to cope with grief or circumstances that have left you on the brink of depression or suicidal thoughts during this holiday season. Instead this guide will help navigate those feelings of inadequacy or self consciousness and pull you out of the rut that your mental health has caused you. From navigating through a maze of grief triggers to learning about how to control sudden emotional outbursts, this book by top grief specialist Gary Roe will ensure that you have a healthy and happy Christmas by utilizing the holidays to focus on and heal old as well as fresh new wounds.

Surviving the Holidays Without You by Gary Roe image

6. Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand

Kelsey Quinn is nursing a broken heart after having just walked in on his wife kissing ‘Santa’ and is left alone to fend for himself and his four kids who are battling with their own personal demons. However when his first wife enters his life again, a love triangle ensues, leading to an unplanned pregnancy, a small house fire… And even a federal crime! Now that’s what I call a promising holiday read! 

Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand image

7. May B by Caroline Starr Rose

12 year old May is sent to a couple’s home by her parents in order to do menial jobs and earn some money. However, after her parents neglect to pick her up as promised during Christmas and after the owners abandon her too, she is forced to fight for survival against the freezing cold temperatures and fend off starvation.

May B by Caroline Starr Rose image

8. Glissando by Kate Bellas

In this thought provoking and heart breaking novel, a man attempts to keep his mortgage and marriage afloat at any cost during the holidays as recession hits him hard.

Glissando by Kate Bellas image

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