Top 6 Christmas podcasts

Time to chill by your fireplace with some hot cocoa, pop your headphones in and give these podcasts a listen if you want to get into the Christmas spirit. A lot of them are pretty wholesome…

1. The Calm Christmas Podcast

Beth Kampton tops our list as she brings a soothing energy and dishes out tips on caring for one’s mental health during the holiday season in her trademark British accent from her countryside kitchen in England. Learn about how to manage grief and loneliness as the holidays approach while also gaining useful tips on how binge eating your favorite holiday food should be a guilt free experience and can even do wonders for one’s mental health (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise). You’ll thank us and Kampton later for this godsend of a podcast!

The Calm Christmas Podcast image

2. Weird Christmas Podcast

Craig Kringle has the perfect name for a Christmas podcast host if you ask me. All jokes aside, Kringle brings in Christmas scholars and experts as well as authors as they dissect creepy Christmas traditions and lesser known folklore such as Icelandic trolls known as Yule lads, Christmas werewolves and of course, the OG baddie of Christmas time- Krampus. If you’ve never ever heard about the mystic and occult origins behind some of your favorite Christmas traditions and don’t mind losing sleep over the same, we highly recommend this one.

Weird Christmas Podcast image

3. Bah Humbug

Irish film journalist brings her jovial energy to this fun film analysis podcast along with her guests wherein they draw comparison between old classics and modern Christmas movies, unpacking both the high and lows of the holiday movie market.

Bah Humbug Podcast image

4. Tinsel Tunes

If you enjoy Christmas music and are looking for some new chartbusters, undiscovered gems or just the good ol’ classics, then this is your go to. A bonus is learning fun facts behind your favorite tinsel tunes.

Tinsel Tunes Podcast image

5. The Christmas Stocking

This podcast is stuffed with knowledge on various customs and cultures that celebrate Christmas in their own way, facts about the origins of your favorite Christmas traditions and about both Christmas music and Christmas movies.

The Christmas Stocking Podcast image

6. Deck the Hallmark

Come Christmas, the show runners over at Hallmark release a new money making scheme…ahem, I mean, feel-good Christmas romcom. In this podcast, three guys get together to watch the latest Hallmark content and their reviews, as you can imagine, are hilarious! Love or hate Hallmark, you need to give this one a listen for sure!

Deck the Hallmark Podcast image

If you enjoyed reading this list, we’ve got plenty more where that came from. Follow us on Instagram, don’t forget to share, and for all those who celebrate it, we wish you a holly jolly Christmas! 

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