Paranormal Romance Series to Watch Out For!

Paranormal romance is a genre that is appealing if you like a blend of steamy romantic sequences and a touch of horror. The romantic pairings in these books aren’t just restricted to werewolf-mortal or vampire-mortal but can also now include romantic pairings between two creatures from the same category such as two shape shifters finding love or even a vampire and werewolf from clashing clans eloping. 

If paranormal romance is your ‘poison’ or if this genre even remotely intrigues you, then here are the 5 best paranormal romance series to check out!

1. The Phoenix Pack series by Suzanne Wright

This series features a total of 8 books, with each book featuring a tale about a different couple. They can be read either as a standalone or in a particular order to get a better understanding of the story and character interaction. 

It begins with a wolf-shifter named Taryn Warner who is caught up in a confusing situation as her father has arranged for a forced mating ritual which she is trying to figure a way out of. On the other hand, is Trey Coleman who faces a similar dilemma. He is being forced into mating with an alpha female (Taryn) by his uncle who also wants him to force alliances with other packs in order to take over Trey territory. 

Since neither Trey nor Taryn are remotely interested in mating with one another, they strike a deal to get out of this dilemma, but soon enough, they are unable to resist each other’s company and although they thought their plan was effective and airtight, they find it hard to control their mating instinct. 

The later books in the series feature Dante, the Beta of the pack who is sweet and sexy but also controlling who hungers for Jaime the playful wild child who is playing hard to get with him. Trey and Taryn from the first book also make a cameo. 

If you enjoy fast paced, intense and engaging stories with loads of drama, steamy graphic ménage scenes, then this one’s for you. 

The Phoenix Pack series image
Suzanne Wright author image

About the Author

Suzanne Wright has been writing passionately since the birth of her first son and is based in the UK. She’s an avid reader, animal lover and writes romance novels with a touch of fantasy, with a sprinkling of dark arts infused with vampires and wolves. She began her journey as a self-published author with great difficulty before settling in on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing site which allowed her to retain full creative control of her transcripts and drafts, let her work on her own schedule and she also acted as her own editor and creative director. As of June 2016, she has successfully published 14 titles in eBook format with two additional ones in the pipeline. She is also planning to expand her repertoire to include traditional romance novels and as of July 1, was ranked on Amazon’s top 25 paranormal romance charts.

2. Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward

This series revolves around a band of ancient vampire warriors in modern day New York who are the last of their kind and have to defend their race against those who are against them and seek to destroy it. Each book in the series features a happily ever after ending for the main pairing. It has won multiple awards. 

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JR Ward author image

About the Author

JR Ward is a pseudonym used by Jessica Bird who is the author of over 20 novels and has made it to the #1 New York Times and US Today Bestseller series with more than 15 million copies of her novels in print worldwide. Ward spent many years as Chief of Staff of a premier medical centre in Boston after graduating with a law degree before writing became her passion. 

3. Dark Protectors series by Rebecca Zanetti

This series includes 12 books and a spin-off called ‘Realm Enforcers’. It puts a twist on the standard vampire stories and features shapeshifters, witches and demons. 

The spin-off ‘Realm Enforcers’ series revolves around the Dunne family of witches set in the same world as ‘Dark Protectors’ and even features character crossovers. I highly recommend reading the ‘Dark Protectors’ series first in order to understand the world building and its inhabitants. 

Each book in the series features interesting characters such as Cara Paulsen the relentless scientist and single mum on a quest to protect her daughter Jamie from a mysterious 300-year-old vampire named Talen who says he is there to protect them but might have an ulterior motive as well as the daring scientist Emma Paulsen (who is also a psychic) who is rescued from the clutches of the bloodthirsty and evil Kurjans by a kind-hearted vampire who will stop at nothing to protect Emma. The Kurjans also make an appearance later in the series as they kidnap Maggie the wolf-shifter who is rescued by a Scottish wolf shifter, Terrent. 

This series has been described by critics as smart, intense, sexy and swooningly romantic and each book is its own individual story with overarching story arcs developing across all the books. 

Dark Protectors series image
Rebecca Zanetti author image

About the Author

Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, senate aide, lawyer, college professor as well as a hearing examiner before pursuing a career in writing dark paranormal, romantic suspense as well as sexy contemporary romances. 

4. Breeds series by Lora Leigh

This series features breeds which were genetically altered with feline DNA, a corrupt pharmaceutical company and the heroine Ria Rodriguez who poses as a clerk to expose it. Mercury Warrant, a creature created by a leak falls for Ria, a woman with many secrets. However, his true mate rises from the grave and is now out for revenge against Ria. 

The later parts of the series focus on Dash, a soldier brought back from the dead who has become a fighting machine trained to protect his mate, Elizabeth. The series also features a tough as nails Navy Seal with a troubled past. 

Breeds series image
Lora Leigh author image

About the Author

Lora Leigh is a Kentucky native and a #1 New York Times Bestselling romance author known for the Breeds and Nauti Boys series. Apart from writing, Lora enjoys gardening, fishing and hiking with her family. 

5. Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost

This series comprises 7 books and 4 spin-offs. It is an urban fantasy romance featuring a half vampire heroine named Cat Crawfield and her master vampire hero, Bones. Cat is a 22-year-old Ohio farm girl who is the product of her mortal mum’s rape by a newly turned vampire. She seeks revenge and spends her teen years killing predatory vampires in local bars. Bones is a vampire bounty hunter who trains her to become a sexy night stalker with battle reflexes as sharp as her fangs.

 The spin-off is also set in the Night Huntress world and features characters like Denis McGregor, a human who is on the run from a demon shape-shifter and Spade, a powerful and mysterious vampire who is duty bound to protect her even if it means killing his own kind…and he is slowly falling for her. The story is told from the 1st person narrative from Cat’s perspective. 

Night Huntress series image
Jeaniene Frost author image

About the Author

Jeaniene Frost is a bestselling author and the foreign rights of her novels have so far been sold to 20 different countries. Apart from the Night Huntress series, she has also authored the Broken Destiny series and the Night Prince series. She currently lives in Florida with her family and enjoys reading, watching movies, spelunking, travelling and exploring old cemeteries…although cook books frighten her!

If paranormal romance is a genre that floats your boat then have a go at some of these titles and knock yourselves out!

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