Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

The Various Types of Magic

Growing up, we’ve always been mesmerized by magic. Be it street magic or those telly shows that exposed magicians by revealing their secrets or fantasy works or even those DIY magic kits and even illusionists like Chris Angel, magic surrounds us in every shape and form, and there’s no escaping

Tips and Tricks

Foreshadowing Definition

Foreshadowing is defined as a literary device that is used to give readers an indication or a taste of what’s to come or how sometimes things may not turn out as they seem.

Tips and Tricks

Recipe for a juicy love triangle

Anybody ever been in a love triangle before? Well, don’t… Hollywood says they’re messy! Anyway, this post won’t help you find love, but it will help you to successfully write a love triangle if you choose to for both screen and page.  What’s the meaning of a love triangle? Love

Tips and Tricks

What’s beta reading and how do you become a beta reader?

What’s beta reading and why does it exist? Beta reading is a term that stems from the IT industry when beta testers were used to test early versions or designs of software. Instead of software, however, beta readers in the literary field are used by writers to review a finished

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