Gifts for Writers

In our last list, we covered gifts for readers. This time around, I’ve come up with a list of gifts for writers, Because writers deserve something special too!

Books/ebooks about writing

Writers often need some help polishing up their skills, so gift them something that will give them that extra push. Some popular picks include ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King, ‘You are a writer’ by Jeff Goins, and ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron.

Aqua notes (waterproof notepad)

This is for the writer who is constantly writing on the go, even in the bath/shower. This waterproof notepad can be mounted to the shower wall and makes writing/taking notes hassle-free.

Domain name for website/blog

Marketing is essential for writers, and hence, a website or blog can be very useful to help promote their work. So give the writer in your life the gift of a website or a blog domain. Try, Wix, Squarespace, Dreamhost, or Bluehost.

Noise-canceling headphones

Writers often need peace and quiet to do their writing, but that’s difficult to find in places like a nice cozy but noisy coffee shop. So gift them a pair of noise-canceling headphones to achieve some silence and thus write in peace. 

Fingerless writing gloves

This gift helps writers keep warm while writing and minimizes carpal tunnel or wrist pain to let your writer write to their heart’s content!

Literary jewelry

Bookish accessories are the perfect gift and can range from bracelets engraved with text from a writer’s favorite novel to pendants engraved with quotes from their favorite author.

Online course to improve writing

This is it the ebooks or books related to writing don’t quite work out. Turn to the countless online courses on writing, especially if your friends with an aspiring writer or amateur writer. Look at Coursera, Udemy, or Masterclass for ideas.

Literary perfumes and air fresheners

Did you know there are perfumes and air fresheners on the market that evoke the smell of libraries, leather-bound notebooks, yellowed pages, and even have hints of an ink scent? Some popular picks include ‘Cape Heartbreak’ by ‘Imaginary Authors’, ‘In the Library’ by ‘CB I Hate Perfume’ and ‘Quartier Latin’ by ‘Memo’ (this last one, in particular, is in fact based on the scent of the signed first edition of a 1927 novel. Cool, eh?). 

Temporary literary tattoo

If you have a friend who’s into getting inked, then you can suggest them to get their favorite quotes from their favorite books or art of their favorite characters tattooed on a part of their bodies. A lot of people, no matter how bookish, may shy away from this idea and opt for a temporary one to commemorate their love for literature, but who’s to stop them from making it permanent! Permanent or temporary, this one is simultaneously a cool and geeky gift. 

Book t-shirt

The ‘Lithographs‘ website offers a whole range of such ‘book t-shirts’ which feature an entire novel (yes, you heard that right) hand-pressed onto it in tiny print! Reading on the go doesn’t get any better than that.

Literary action figures

I’ve always been enamored by action figures, bobbleheads, and Funko Pops, be it one of your favorite authors or your favorite book character (Harry Potter ones are a top pick and easy to find). These are always cool, especially to grace one’s bookshelf or as a piece for a writer who enjoys collectibles. 


Another fantastic piece for the bookshelf, there are a lot of funky bookends out there, and you’ll be spoilt for choice just trying to pick one.

Writing themed cookbooks

These cookbooks feature loads of recipes inspired by famous literary works and even characters. If you have a writer friend who’s also a giant foodie or loves to cook up a storm, then be sure to gift them such a cookbook!

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

A Kindle Unlimited subscription is perfect for both writers and readers and features loads of ebooks to choose from. It also makes reading on the go that much easier.

Personalized embosser

If your friends with a writer who lends their books time and again, be sure to gift them this personalized embosser so that they can emboss their names onto the pages of the borrowed book. This makes it easier for the borrower to return their books on time and minimizes the fear of misplacement too.

Literary themed shot glass set

Another gift for a writer who is also in love with collectibles, check out these shot glass sets, which feature the faces of beloved authors and also quotes.

Writer’s clock

 This is a gift that’s both humorous and helpful for the absent-minded writer who forgets their own timetable. The clock face features tasks such as writing, proofreading, marketing, etc so that the writer can keep up to date with handling and managing their various tasks with ease. There’s even an option for the occasional mid-writing caffeine break!

Writer’s toolbox

 The Writer’s Toolbox is suggested for those prone to writer’s block and contains a plethora of exercises and games to get the creative juices flowing again. 

Literary journal subscription

If you have a writer who loves indulging in reading academic journals, this subscription will be perfect for them so they can browse to their heart’s content!

Office supply storage

Basically, a glorified pencil box, this is your best bet if your writer pal is also a sucker for a neat writing desk. It can keep everything from writing implements to post-it notes safe and sound and in its place.

Scented candles

There’s nothing like gifting your writer pal a candle that smells like the fresh scent of musty libraries and the ink and paper of books and even unpublished manuscripts. Only book nerds will relate!

High tech pen

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are a lot of writing implements on the market, such as the LED pen (which allows you to write in the dark) and the smartpen (which allows you to save notes and record audio), which have made the writing life so much easier. So grab a high-tech writing implement for your writer friend and watch their faces light up! 

Bathtub book caddy

Great for readers and writers alike, a wooden or bamboo bathtub book caddy is perfect whether your friend is in the mood to read or write a book while soaking in the bath. This tray also has spots for a wine glass and soap or a candle.

Adjustable footrest

Take it from me, writing is hard work and can take a toll on one’s feet which tend to get numb or get pins and needles. Thankfully an adjustable footrest comes in handy (or in footsy?) in such a situation.


A fatigued writer will instantly thank you if you gift them a backrest (usually a foam lumbar pillow goes a long way). This is also a godsend for your posture during long nights of writing without a break.

Wrist rest pad

Carpal tunnel and wrist pain can be a real party-pooper, so be sure to appreciate your writer friends for their hard work and gift them a wrist rest pad for when the going gets tough!

Writer’s market book

This book is like the Bible for unpublished writers and contains over 7500 contacts ranging from book agents and publishers to magazines and literary contests.


Just like the handy writer’s clock, a planner helps writers to effectively plan their day and help them complete a ton of writing whilst managing other tasks such as house chores. So be sure to gift them one of these handy planners.

The Emotion Thesaurus

This handy book that comes in volumes features detailed body signals, facial expressions, mental responses, character traits, etc, and can be used by writers when they’ve hit a wall when it comes to describing a character whom they’re working on.


A boon for writers and readers alike, a lot of the book lights on the market are rechargeable and glare-free, so writers can read/write/proofread their books without their eyesight suffering for it or without disturbing somebody else’s sleep.

Insulated water bottle

Just as caffeine is important in a writer’s life, so is hydration! These insulated water bottles come in handy as they not only store copious amounts of water but also keep it warm or cool or even at room temperature, so your writer friends will never go thirsty!

Mug warmer

A mug warmer comes in handy, especially when there’s a slight chill in the air and your writer needs a hot mug of coffee. This device comes with a rechargeable saucer and is very effective in warming coffee that’s gone cold. Unplugged, the beverage can remain warm for up to an hour.

Typewriter keyboard

If your writer friend wishes to ditch their same old laptop keyboard for something retro, then this keyboard shaped like an old-fashioned typewriter that comes with a stand to attach a tablet may just do the trick!

With that, we’ve come to the end of this seemingly endless list of gifts, and I hope it’ll help you make up your mind.

We independently review the best books and services. Some of our links are referral links. We only make money if you purchase products through our links, and we never accept free services in exchange for a favorable review. 

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