Gifts for Readers

Do you have a friend who’s super into reading or somebody who’s forever sitting in the library or browsing through a bookstore because of their ‘debilitating’ book addiction? Do you want them to feel extra special by gifting them something (other than a book) that will further feed into their bibliophilia? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these cool gift ideas for readers.

A custom library stamp/embosser: 

For readers who also love to lend their books to other bibliophiles, this gift could make this process even more special, and it also lets borrowers remember whom the book came from so it can be properly returned and not lost along the way. This stamp comes in 3-4 sizes, and while many are self-inking, you might need to buy a bottle of ink to go with it as well.

The Husband Pillow:  

What’s a Husband Pillow, you ask? Well, it’s a godsend that comes to the rescue of your reader friends who don’t want to end up a hunchback due to their slouchy nature while reading. It’s a cozy soft foam pillow that features an adjustable neck bolster that helps in staying upright while reading, and what’s even funkier still is that it comes with micro plush covers in 16 colors. 

Kindle Paperwhite e-reader: 

This is for your reader friends who love reading on the go. This e-reader is amazing as it comes with a bright, crisp display and offers loads of storage for unlimited reading. 

Thousands of books can be downloaded from the Kindle store to the library. The Kindle Oasis is a more luxurious and upgraded version of the Paperwhite e-reader which features a yellow-hued backlight that is soothing on the eyes and has a waterproof aluminum body and physical page-turning buttons, as well as a glass display that is clear and sleek.

Audible membership: 

Amazon’s audiobook subscription service offers a 3-month membership, and it also allows readers access to Audible’s entire collection and one credit month. Noise-canceling headphones go well with this gift if you’re thinking of presenting your friend with more than one gift. 

Rechargeable reading light: 

Slim, reliable, and rechargeable, this light is perfect for nocturnal readers. It only shines a light bright enough to highlight the portion that readers wish to read instead of a glare that would otherwise disturb others nearby. It also comes with three brightness settings and color temperatures.

Line markers or metal bookmarks

These old-school metal markers are awesome and clip onto the outside edge of a page and help to mark important pages or passages without the need for marring ink or sticky notes.

Mug warmer: 

This electric ceramic mug warmer is temperature-controlled and keeps your hot beverage at room temperature (who likes lukewarm drinks anyway?). The beverage remains warm up to an hour, even unplugged. It even comes with a handy charging saucer. 

Bathtub caddy: 

For readers who enjoy reading in the bath, these water-resistant teak (or bamboo, for the eco-friendly readers) trays are perfect for holding their reading material. 

They adjust to the tub size and are designed to hold a wineglass, a soap, a towel, and a candle as well. No more soggy pages and books smudged after being submerged/dropped in bathwater!

If this blog post helped in making your mind up on what you’re planning to gift your reader friends next or if you are a bibliophile yourself and plan on going on a shopping spree after this to gift these goodies to yourself, then do share this with others and spread the word!¬†Also, check out our list of gifts for writers!

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