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Adore Romance Stories

Welcome to a world of romance, fantasy, adventure, and steamy choices. We are excited to announce our upcoming launch of our very own interactive story game for IOS and Android! 

You can get early access, play for free, and help us by signing up as a beta player with no cost or obligation!   


Live the life you’ve always imagined – become a princess, an international secret agent, a successful business owner – date pro athletes, billionaires, and enjoy yacht life!

Discover secrets and live your fantasies before anyone else with early access to stories through our lifetime VIP pass!


You are the master of your fate. What will you choose? 

Become obsessed with the hottest interactive story library. Choose your destiny across multiple genres. Steamy romance, young adult, fantasy, comedy, and drama all await. 


Immerse yourself in stories from award-winning authors and screenwriters. Will you find true love, the adventure of a lifetime, or become the boss babe you have always dreamed of being?

Customize your name, character, clothing, and sexual orientation. 

Regular opportunities to earn hearts in daily and weekly quests. 

Sign up for Adore Romance Stories beta testing today for an irresistible experience. 


Interactive Story Games

Interactive story games allow you, the player, to step into the shoes of the protagonist in a story, choosing how you look, what your name is, and what actions you choose to take in the story. In our stories, you can choose who you want to date, what activities you take part in, and experience the life of a character in a story, whose actions and reactions are written to exacting literary standards.

We feel that interactive story games are fundamentally a new category of media consumption, located somewhere between a book, a traditional gaming experience and a movie. The ability to have a choose-your-own-adventure type experience while having additional music, audio cues, and visual experiences create something that’s not quite a book, not quite a movie, and a fundamentally different experience from other mobile, console or desktop gaming experiences. If you want to learn more about interactive story games and see some of our favorites currently in the app store you can check out our blog here

What playing Adore Romance Stories looks like




Adore Romance Stories isn’t just one book, it’s a full library of exceptional interactive literature – live lives as royalty, secret agents, athletes and celebrities!

What do you want to do? Make your own decisions and enjoy (or suffer) the consequences! Finally you get to date that hot guy you’ve been eyeing in class all year!

Do you want to take it slow or get hot and heavy? Different books offer very different experiences, from soft and sweet to sensual and steamy!

Dress Your Best

Be You

Have Fun

Choose your outfits and dress how you want, when you want! 

Sheer dress or leather skirt? Go for it! Comfy bunny PJs? We got you, fam!

Have you had a hard time finding someone who looks like you in games?

No matter your ethnicity, we have characters to match your unique look, to make sure that you get to be you, and enjoy the game in a body that feels right to you.

2020 and 2021 have mostly sucked, we know – COVID, unemployment,  school closures, all sorts of crazy stuff has gone on. 

Have some fun instead! Enjoy living your fantasy life, with no pandemics, just fun dates and good times.


Fall in Love with Our Library

The characters, couples, and adventures that we have lovingly crafted will draw you into their dramatic stories where you will be able to decide your fate!


Royal Spy –  Can you keep your hands off the prince you are sent to spy on, or will your cover be blown? Through the adventures and misadventures of espionage can love ever find a way?


Rockstar Rebound – The rock star experience. Five years ago Shane was one of the best-known rockstars in the world. Today he is your responsibility, your headache, and the reason you might lose your job. 


Novel Love – Secret identities, mysterious new colleagues, and a constantly empty coffee pot. A sweet and spunky publisher is swept away by a new author. Can he compare with the billionaire of your dreams? Read between the lines and discover hidden secrets before they upend everything. 


Driving Desire – Mistaken identities, kidnapped by the mob. What did you agree to when you said you would help a friend? At least the driver is hot as sin and ready to take you for the ride of your life. 


Pride and Prejudice – Fall in love with this classic tale. Make your own choices to be prideful, prejudice, or kind towards the men you encounter including Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley, Wickham. 


Weekly new releases will expand our constantly growing library. 


Which is Your Favorite Couple?

Why an Interactive Story Game?

When I first started reading interactive stories there were a few things that stood out to me. 

First, there was a lack of diversity. As a woman of mixed ethnicity, seeing representation that I can associate with is important. 

Secondly, a lot of the interactive story apps are made by men. It isn’t surprising given that in 2019 71% of game developers were men. But seeing as the current usage of interactive stories is predominately female I want to make sure there is equal representation for the actual users of the apps. 

Thirdly, the quality of content is questionable on some of the existing apps. I studied literature in college and have a deep love for quality escapism. I love brain candy books that you can get lost in, books where you mourn with the characters, laugh with them and come away heartbroken when you finish a series because you know you can never read it for the first time ever again. 

Lastly, many of these apps are blatant money grabs. They guilt and manipulate you into spending as much money as possible. I wanted to create an app that allows you more ways to earn in-game currency and creates a more engaging experience. We do that with a rich daily and weekly events and goal system that helps you explore the game to the fullest, as well as rewarding inviting friends and many more.

It is possible to have a satisfying ending without paying for it every time! I don’t want to punish people when they are at the climax of a story. 

Our team is small but mighty. I work with an amazing group of programmers, designers, and freelance writers, and screenplay creators. 


What Players Say

I loved playing Novel Love. The story had me laughing, heartbroken, and even misting up (stupid onions). I kept hitting read next chapter as quickly as I could!

Absolutely delightful! Sexy, funny, sweet, everything I love about interactive stories, and it has amazing artwork! I can't wait for the actual launch and having more stories to read weekly.

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Never stop dreaming, creating, and playing!

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